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Knives with thin blades of strong steel are fragile if used for other purposes. When chopping bones and separating spare ribs, a cleaver is ideal. Aside from the meat, you can also use a cleaver to cut hard vegetables. A meat cleaver is an indispensable tool in every chef's arsenal. Our cleavers are made of high-carbon stainless steel, that are the perfect choice for chefs looking for a knife that can handle the demands of a busy kitchen because they offer excellent durability and are perfect for slicing tasks. Our manufactured meat cleavers have ergonomic and primarily wooden handles. Working with every ingredient on a cutting board, from veggies to bone, is a breeze because of the stainless steel sharp edge. Usquare cleaver knives should be your first choice if you want your cutlery to be reliable and effective.

What is A Cleaver Knife?

A cleaver is a huge knife that can vary in shape but commonly looks like a rectangular-bladed hatchet. It is mostly used as a kitchen and butcher knife, primarily for slicing through thick chunks of meat and splitting up huge sections of soft bones. If you have a cleaver knife in your kitchen cutlery collection, it is ideal for carving thicker meats, disjointing cuts, and hacking bones. The flexibility of the cleaver knife is perhaps best represented by its key position in Chinese-style cooking, where it is used in every step of preparation, from chopping firewood to slaughtering meat to cutting delicate vegetables or even whittling chopsticks. Its flat side is used to beat and tenderise meat like a mallet. Aside from the all-purpose wide-bladed cleaver, a regular narrow-bladed and lightweight cleaver is used for gentler slicing.

What to Look Out for When Purchasing a Meat Cleaver?

The meat cleaver knife's handle should be comfortable to hold and operate effectively. Long handles might be awkward to hold, while small handles make it tough to maintain your grip. So be careful to opt for a cleaver with an ergonomic grip and a medium-sized handle.

One of the culinary tools for dicing, slicing, and cutting various kinds of meats is the meat cleaver knife. How easily and swiftly you can slice, cut, and chop food with a given blade depends on how sharp it is. The blade should be durable enough to endure repeated contact when cutting through cartilage and bones. Find a cleaver with a blade with just the right thickness for the greatest cutting results. Get the best selection of cleaver knives at Usquare.