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The true fixed-blade knife offers increased strength, durability, and versatility. It doesn't require maintenance and cleaning as you would with a pocket knife. And, because there is no hinge and locking system, you can use your fixed-blade knife more confidently. We provide fixed-blade knives with considerably stronger and more durable blades because they can withstand much more stress and need not be kept open. Fixed-blade knives are essential and classic tools for surveyors, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and many professional users. They are usually worn on the belt in a sheath made of synthetic material or leather.

Fixed blades are valued for their strength and longevity, which makes them dependable in the field. Our fixed blade design provides the sturdiness necessary in tough-use conditions. The handle is sturdy and lightweight, saving you weight in your adventure bag, and it has a contoured grip for better control. The time and expertise invested in creating fixed-blade knives for collectors are what distinguishes them for outdoor usage. If you are looking for not just fixed blades but also a large variety of custom knives, Usquare is the place to go.

Buy A Fixed Blade Knife: Robust Tool for Work and Leisure

When looking to purchase a knife, it's all too simple for the desire to take over. We see it every day and accept that we are regularly subjected to the same feeling. It's simple to find a reason to justify owning a knife, and we offer the best quality knives in numerous varieties. You can rest assured that our experts will give you useful information to help you make a well-considered decision to select the best knife for your situation.


Fixed-blade knives are intended for a wide variety of uses. We include hunting, survival, and speciality display knives in this collection. Usquare has a wide range of options, styles, blade types, and handle materials to pick from. The flexible recurve blade has a longer cutting edge surface than many standard blades, allowing for longer and deeper cuts. When you buy a fixed knife from Usquare, you get more than just a knife. You get a dependable instrument for everyday use. Visit our website and feel the difference for yourself by using a fixed-blade knife.

Can Fixed Knives Be Carried in Public?

For many people, carrying a knife around is the most natural thing in the world. Everyone is aware of the knife laws in their area, but travelling with your favourite knife might result in significant consequences. Additionally, remember that many knives sold lawfully in German shops cannot be carried in public.

If you are found in possession of a knife, you might be given a community punishment, fined, or put in jail. Even though you are legally permitted to carry a knife, it becomes criminal if you use it to threaten or hurt somebody. The Weapons Act establishes legal restrictions on the possession of fixed knives with blade lengths of more than 12 centimetres, cutting and stabbing instruments, and knives that may be locked with one hand.

You may carry any combat knife lawfully as long as the blade length doesn't exceed 12 cm. For the majority of folding knives, there are no length restrictions on the blade. However, it is unlawful to possess a 5-inch kitchen knife.